Making the transition to kindergarten

For any child Kindergarten brings quite a few changes. For most of them it is the first time that they are attending a structured school setting. For others transitioning from a small classroom in a preschool to a big room with lots of kids can be overwhelming.

Each child responds differently. Although some are excited to start a new experience there are others who might have a tough time adjusting to the change. Children attending kindergarten come with the different level of readiness. Some already possess the skills which require like knowing the alphabet and their numbers. Some might have to take a longer time to get there. The following are some pieces of advice to make the transition easier.

Transition advice from the teachers at Burpengary Kindergarten

One of the easiest ways in which the parents can prepare the children for kindergarten skills is by practicing different activities during summer. This would include the formation of letters and holding a pencil. Even if a child hasn’t  mastered at any of these before the school starts it doesn’t matter a great deal. However a little bit of knowledge can reduce the stress for your child and the teacher. You might also want them to teach them the use of scissors. There are several kid friendly scissors available in the market which you would try out during the break.

The next step is to set up a bed time and morning routine. At the start of kindergarten all children are expected to have a well structured morning routine. This might mean and earlier wake up time so that they are ready for the school bus. You could start by moving bedtime to an earlier time. Before the school starts you might want to run the morning routine with your child is well. Make sure that you practice your child to wake up on time get dress and eat breakfast.

Although kindergarten classes do have a right time if a child is used to taking naps the break my to shorter than the nephew child is used to. You could start by cutting the length of the next time by a couple of minutes. A shorter nap would help by allowing them an earlier bedtime as well.

When a child starts attending North Lakes child care services, they are expected to follow instructions throughout the day. You can practice this at home in a fun way. Make a child do a few activities with one or two steps direction before the school starts. You can either choose to do craft of any new game together.

Make sure that you talk about kindergarten with your child. This is because kindergarten is different from other grades because there are a lot of firsts. It is something which is unknown and can make kids feel anxious. It would be helpful to get your child through the transition and the right way is by talking to them. You might want them to ask you about kindergarten or you might provide them more information about it. This will help lower their nervousness and make them readier to transition