Information on Pre-schooling in Darwin

Pre-school education is meant to prepare children for a compulsory academic system in primary and other stages of learning. They, unlike the nursery schools, have a formal education system with qualified teachers. It is essential to invest in the future of a child’s education, and taking them to a pre-school is one of the most considerable investments to a child’s academic foundation.

Reasons why pre-school programs are suitable for kids

Improve their social and communication skills: through interactions with their peers as well as teachers. It develops a child’s ability to speak in public confidently.

Grow problem-solving skills in the child: A child can gain skills on how to handle situations that may arise in a required way.

Prepare kids for compulsory schooling: the existence of pre-schools ensures a smooth transition to primary education to the child without the child resisting the process.

Develop physical skills: kids get a chance to sharpen their skills in different fields using the amenities provided by the institution.

Acquire new knowledge: a child that is attending a pre-school are more sharp and familiar to the education things than the one who does not attend.

What you expect your kid to gain from a pre-school

The pre-school programmes have sets of structured play as well as soft play to help children to advance at their own pace.

These activities can be classified as either indoor, outdoor or group learning experiences.

Classification of activities

Indoor activities

These are activities that are undertaken inside a classroom. Such exercises can include drawing, painting, solving puzzles, games and other indoor activities that can help a child to develop physically and mentally.

Outdoor activities

The pre-schools have also been equipped with facilities outside classrooms that help children to undertake many activities—for example, playing on sand, swings, climbing tools, among others.

Group activities

Moreover, kids are put into groups in which they share and collaborate. They can be involved in dramas, poetry, dancing etc.

What is the best age for a child to start attending a pre-school?

The best age for a child to start attending a pre-school is four years. It is the best age to start learning new ideas and adventures that life has to offer.

Types of pre-schools in Darwin

There are different classifications of pre-schools, and it also depends on the parents’ availability. Some of these classifications are:

Long-day pre-schools: they run the whole day from morning to evening. They have a lunch program since kids are not allowed to leave school until it’s time. They have many activities and programs for children because they extend the whole day.

Sessional pre-schools: the sessional pre-schools, unlike the long-day, only give programs that run for about seven hours a day and only a few days in a week. Parents are advised on the appropriate time to pick up their kids from the school.

Three-years’ pre-schools: they are pre-school that are capable of supporting a three-year-old’s needs. They have trained personnel that understands and manages a three-years’ old child.

There are many other pre-schools in Darwin that are recognised by the states they happen to dwell in. Pre-school education is very crucial to a child who is about to start attending a mandatory education system from primary to secondary and finally to tertiary levels. A kid is allowed to transit from home life to a school life smoothly. The preschool environment also gives the child a situation similar to that of the academic school.