How to create videos with music

Everybody knows that an image is worth much more than a thousand words, but for sure if you add nice background music to it, the final effect will be even more noteworthy. Precisely for this reason, today I decided to explain, step by step, how to create videos with music . Happy?

More precisely, what I will tell you in the following lines will be a whole series of Web services, software and apps for smartphones and tablets through which it is possible to create fantastic videos made up of images as well as possible “pieces” of videos with background music and effects. sound. The final result, you’ll see, will be up to a true director and will allow you to amaze all your friends.

So if you are really interested in learning more, I suggest you not to waste any more precious time, to banish the talk and to immediately start focusing on reading this article on how to create videos with music. Are you ready? Yes? Excellent, then let’s proceed. Enjoy the reading!

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The first solution that you should consider when creating videos with music online is WeVideo , a Web service that allows you to create slideshows full of animated photos and background music in a few clicks. It works on all the main browsers and, through its free plan, offers the possibility of making videos in standard resolution (480p) lasting up to 5 minutes.

To create videos with music with WeVideo, linked to its home page , choose whether to register using your Google account, by clicking on the red button with G , or to create an ad hoc account on the site, filling in the appropriate fields on the right and pressing on Get Started , then select the free plan by clicking on the Try it button under the heading Free and click on Personal to indicate the fact that you will use the service for purely personal purposes.

Then click on the x in the upper right part of the tutorial box on the use of the service and click on + Create New . Now you have to upload all the photos to use as a basis for your video. To perform this operation, click on the green cloud-shaped button located at the top left of the Media tab , locate the images on the computer to include in your slideshow and drag them all into the gray box that appears at the top left.