Matt Warren
Music School in Australia

Matt warren is an Australian based music school. Ever since the first day of our music school, we provided the best music teachers to our student to help them gain confidence in what they are doing.

About Matt Warren

We take immense pride in helping music enthusiasts to get the best music education through different course offerings.


Emily Hunt

Our courses includes enhancing vocals, teaching instruments such as piano, guitar, drums, bass and violin.

George Philipe

We provide the environment that help you learn, grow and most importantly enjoy the music.

Heinrik Ibsen

We believe that music is for all ages that is why we have room for everyone in our music community.

Daina Arts

Our teachers inspire their students to build strong characters and sharpen their skills through practice and patience. Let us help you begin the music journey.

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  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Drum
  • Bass
  • Voilen